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We are eco-brand Code Naturel - a family run business from North-East of Scotland offering you a wide range of high-quality and eco-friendly lifestyle products. This time will be presenting our handmade, high-quality design stationery and greeting cards within 3 collections: 100% Eco, Vintage & Retro and Heritage. For Christmas specials we will be coming along with a design award winning Signs of Light Candleholders which include Celtic Signs and Nordic Signs Collections and Upcycled Glass Tealightholders.

New products

We are launching the new Touch notebooks' line in 4 different colours.


Heritage. Stationery Collection. Colourful.

Vintage Collection. Greeting Cards. Iris.

100% Eco Stationery: Hard Cover Notebook.

Signs of Light. Celtic Signs Candleholder.

Upcycled Glass Tealight Holder. Clear.

5 Monument Close
AB42 2ZB

+44 777 0606 922

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