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Kapelki Art was founded by Galina Pagliaro in 2016. The idea was born from a long-held dream of sharing the family’s artistic heritage. Most of the ranges are based on the art work of Galina’s grandfather, a Russian artist, Yuri Vasnetsov (1900-1973). He worked in different styles and his paintings are part of collections in major museums in Russia, including Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow and The State Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg. However, Vasnetsov is most famous for his colourful and unique illustrations for children’s books. Kapelki Art has given his art a new life, introducing the eye-catching images to people in the form of cards and gifts. Quirky animal characters in pretty folk clothing bring smiles to faces. Kapelki Art offer calendars, notebooks and tableware that can brighten up anyone’s day.

There is also a beautiful floral range based on the art work of Elizaveta Vasnetsova. These designs have a more classic feel to them and appeal to many. Elizaveta is an incredible passionate artist who gets all her inspiration from nature. She sees beauty in every blade of grass and every fading leaf or flower and shares her adoration in her work.

We are looking forward to meeting you and introducing our designs in person at our stand.


Mummy Pig with Piglets Greeting Card

Daisies and Thistle Greeting Card

Winter Squirrel and Bullfinch Greeting Card

Festive Hare Glass Coaster

Forest Rainbow Notebook

Dinner Time Chopping Board



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