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Affectionately known as the 'spoon lady', Evie is a jeweller choosing to work with recycled silver instead of depleting the world of its natural resources. Salvaged antique sterling silver teaspoons are re-imagined and transformed into items with a new beauty and charm: dusty heirlooms from one generation are cleverly reinvented for the next.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with individuality and uniqueness in mind.

New products

Evie's three distinct collections handcrafted from recycled sterling silver teaspoons will be on show for the first time at the SEC this autumn. Her limited edition sets of antique silverware spoon rings are complemented by her micro collection of heart themed jewellery. One collection is made from the stems of teaspoons and the other takes the waste product of the spoon bowls and puts them to good use to form the pieces in her Enduring Love collection. Evie's main passion is her collection of jewellery entitled Echoes. All the pieces are inspired by her coastal setting and daily walks on the beaches of Fife. Alongside her silver jewellery collections, Evie will also be showcasing a new range of quirky accessories made from recycled brass industry offcuts. This new collection of 'Top Brass Lapel Pins' is full of humour and proving to be very popular.


Echoes Collection - Flotsam Pendant

Echoes Collection - Urchin Studs I

Echoes Collection - Seashore Ring

Echoes Collection - Rockpool Bangle

Top Brass Lapel Pins - Say it like it is

Top Brass Lapel Pins - Fancy Pants

Press Releases

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