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ShiYiChi, shortened to SYC, is based in the UK who dedicates itself to the introduction and promotion of Taiwan culture and Taiwan craftwork, such as Taiwanese award-winning ceramist's earthenware, traditional and modern painting, wooden gadget, etc.

SYC is a Taiwanese collective brand founded in 2017 by DCL Group International Ltd in London, who put effort for providing chances for you to meet with the sense of beauty that Taiwanese craftsmen have succeeded in creating craftwork by merging the matchless craftsmanship and modern thoughts.

The outstanding potteries of the leading ceramic creators in Taiwan have been selected and presented by SYC for every pottery lover and collector in Europe. Each of the selected award-winning ceramic was created by applying unique throwing techniques, artistic thoughts and tailor-made glazing methods.

SYC hopes all of the arts and crafts lovers could have a great time to experience Taiwanese artists' passion and to create an excellent expression from Taiwan by holding the craftwork in your hand.

New products

SYC selects the outstanding potteries of the leading ceramic creators in Taiwan and present award-winning ceramics for every pottery lover and collector. SYC presents the Taiwanese ceramic artists’ arts in detail and all of these ceramics are 100% handmade, made on a potter's wheel, decorated using Taiwanese ceramist's unique technique, resulting an unique colouring treatment. It is one of a kind piece! Taiwan pottery is perfectly balanced for holding in hands and can be used in Japanese tea ceremony or as a wine vessel for drinking wine or whiskey. SYC appreciates the partnership of the distinguished ceramic artists whose works are the cultural heritage of Taiwan.


Grateful Meaning- Wood Firing Earthen Teacup

Realistic Crab with Grateful Meaning- Wood Firing Earthen Teacup

Wood Firing Earthen Teapot with ceramic beetle on the lid

Bug Bite/Coral Red Glaze- Glost-fired Earthen Tea Caddy

Free textured wooden box with soft cotton inside for SYC's ceramics.

Glost-fired Earthen Teacup- Lotus painting and splashed colours

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