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Our FOREVER LEAVES are real, natural leaf skeletons preserved in precious metals (finishes to include pure silver, autumnal copper and 24 carat gold). Tapping into the upcycling and vintage trends, the popular OLD WILLOW collection takes fragments of British porcelain and showcases them in sterling silver. 'Scotland's gem hunter' himself Adam McIntosh has been working hard gathering new stones and for 2019 we are delighted to debut unique SKYE MARBLE jewellery (as well as adding fresh pieces to all your firm favourite ranges of native gemstones). Plus, re-designed catalogues have launched and will be available to pick up at our stand. 


NEW: Scottish Skye marble. For every 1000 kilos we hand-gather, only the top 1 kilo is selected.

Genuine Scottish Iona marble. Collected by free-diving in the icy waters around the sacred isle.

Scottish Highland Marble: hand-dug from Britain's only seam of true marble.

Scottish Lewisian Gneiss: the colourful 3 billion year old bedrock of Scotland.

Forever Leaves: unique natural leaves, preserved in precious metals. Previous gold winner.

Fragments of vintage British porcelain, lovingly upcycled in sterling silver settings.


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