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The Wee Book Company is an award-winning indie publisher producing Scottish books which are a' aboot 'the funny' and are underscored by love and positivity.  Our first title, 'The Wee Book o' Grannies' Sayin's' featured in the 2019 Best New Product Awards an' featured in Waterstone's best-selling local dialect humour lists in the run up tae Christmas, 2018.

Show offer

We're launchin' a new spinner display at the Trade Fair (6 best sellin' Wee Books an' 6 funny greetin's cards, it carries - stoatin'!) which cannae be missed. Wi' each order, we'll gie awa' an extra 6 o' wur books fur free. Cannae be bad, eh?

New products

We have a whole jing-bang load o' new titles wingin' their way tae thon braw SECC trade fair. We're stooshin' aboot it a'!


Big Tam's Kilted Wurkoots

The Wee Book o' Grannies' Sayin's

The Wee Cludgie Book

Scotland's Witches and Wizards - Stranger Than Fiction


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